How long with this Bull Market last? The answer is…it’s not Real. It’s a Virtual Reality Market, and/or HD Propaganda.  Let me Explain…. The obvious reason is that the Assets listed are valued too high. Everything looks Fantastic on paper, but once you make a redemption your projected gains will […]

Hello My Peoples /

Remember the time….     When black Kings and Queens were the foothold of our society. They exhibited the strength, courage, and knowledge that has yet to be paralleled nowhere on earth. We are starting to see flashbacks of the past, it’s sprouting from the concrete jungle’s of the future.   Let’s reflect…. African Kings AFFONSO I KING OF THE […]

How the Media and HD Propaganda Distorts the Reality around Us

We all must be more conscious of the information that we allow ourselves to See and Hear. Network TV is actually telling us what they are doing, it’s called Network Programming. The technology of High Definition is making the programming much more effective. The commercials that advertise products are prime examples of how you can […]


Law makers are discussing the possible replacement of the current Welfare Program with the Universal Basic Income Program. The idea is that the UBI will be able to deliver funds to the population more efficiently, and will eliminate the bureaucracy of Means Testing which has attributed to the controversy of the so called Free Riders […]


Leveraging is the ability to control a lot with just a little. It gives you the ability to utilize more than just what you have. Through leverage, you can effect change much more rapidly. Leverage accelerates the speed of potential wealth. The more leverage you have, the faster you will reach your stated goals. Most wealthy people use the […]

Leadership – It ain’t no Joke

Not everyone has the characteristics to be an effective leader. As a leader you must demonstrate that you have the ability to take the initiative to start a project or resolve a problem quickly by using your knowledge and experience.  You should know that dynamic leadership requires excellent communication skills because you want to be able to project your […]

Break Through the Poverty Mind Set

Having a poverty mind-set prohibits the use of your critical thinking skills. You are primarily concerned about survival, instead of positioning yourself for Advancement. You must visualize reaching your goals and feeling the pleasure it will bring into  your life. Nothing good ever happens until you take action. It takes Courage and Persistence to move beyond […]

Secret to Success

You may have wondered why a few men/women advance to highly paid positions while others all around them, who have the same amount of training and who seemingly perform as much work, do not get ahead? You will find that the one who advances Believes in him/or herself. They back their beliefs with such Dynamic, […]